Jaded Silence Press

Jaded Silence Press is looking for a variety of horror stories to fill its pages. If you’re interested in getting published in anthologies feel free to submit something to us.


Short Stories: Your stories can be anywhere from two thousand words to twenty thousand. Novellas are most certainly welcomed for the collection. Stories are required to be related to horror or the macabre. Make sure that you edit and PROOFREAD your work before submitting. If the grammar and spelling is too much to get over, we will nit pick and send you back a laundry list of problems to fix before it can be considered.

Stories can be fiction and nonfiction. Nonfiction does have to do with horror so be sure to keep that in mind when submitting.

Flash Fiction: The allotted space for any flash horror fiction is from 1 – 1000 words.

Collections of dark poetry books will also be likely to be compiled as well as a magazine.


At the moment we are only able to offer each contributor an e-copy of the book. However as we grow, monetary compensation can be acquired, we will keep everyone updated on the progress of the press.


Authors will retain all rights to their stories and can use them for other publications anytime they see fit.


Send all submissions and queries to JadedSilencePress@hotmail.com. We will be letting everyone know who is published but we need the stories emailed for proofreading and publication.

On a final note, we look forward to working with everyone on a friendly business level.