Jaded Silence Press

Hello everyone!

We've already begun collecting submissions for the first anthology published by Jaded Silence Press. Hurry and get your story in for possible publication, slots are filling up quickly! If there are more submissions that anticpated we will definately make more anthologies to include everyone approved for publication. We want monster books right now and we need people who are ready and willing to get their books out into the public.

It doesn't matter if you're an old author, a new author or someone who just writes sometimes on the side. We're looking for you. Reprints are acceptable, however, we don't want something that's already been printed ten times in the past. New and original fresh stories are more likely to make it into the anthology rather than reprints. So be sure to come up with something interesting and horrific that splash our pages with!

Pauline Ramsey - CEO

09 - 14 - 2007