Jaded Silence Press

My Side: by Lina Young


My Side is a truly heroic tale of one woman's struggle to make it against adverse conditions. Her tale begins with an empty and depressing childhood living in a broken home with her father and stepmother. She tells of her struggle against child abuse at her stepmother's hands and of the hardships that she, her sister and her brother go through. As time wears on she falls in a love with a seemingly wonderful man but when she becomes pregnant at the tender age of 16, she soon learns that not everything in the world is covered with roses. Even the most beautiful rose still has its thorns. As she ages, she struggles with lies and rumors that are said against her and her children. She deals her husband's family and tries to set things right. She tries to forgive the past but somehow it continues to haunt her, refusing to let her go. Through trials and tribulations Lina has survived all odds to become an extraordinary woman with a harrowing story to tell.

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The Hidden Flute: by Tony Chavez 

Abbey thought that all she would ever have was her drab and boring life. She didn't realize how wrong she was until one day a black raven swooped down and stole her prized possession. While on a heart pounding chase to recover what was rightfully hers, she stumbled from her world into another one. She found herself caught in the middle of a war with her flute being a key object of the Queen's desires. She meets unlikely characters and battles with horrific creatures to fulfill her destiny.

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Deliver Us From Evil: a Horror Anthology edited by Pauline Ramsey

Jaded Silence Press presents to horror fans everywhere: Deliver Us From Evil. The culmination of evil is finally at hand, do you dare to take the plunge into the sweet abyss? Join us on our journey through the darkest recesses of the human mind and the evil that dwells within.

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Future Legends: By Edward C. Robinson

All seemed normal for Nathaniel and Renee when they boarded the luxury cruise ship "Constellation" until they realized that they had more in common with the crew members and passengers than they anticipated. This action packed book delves into many aspects of fantasy and science fiction combined. This fast paced read is great for any book collector who loves drama, humor, great fight scenes and magical creatures and people. A must have!

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